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  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: Kevin Spacey narrating
  • Watching: Re-watching: The Usual Suspects
  • Playing: ANDROID: Summoners War - Sky Arena
  • Drinking: a bit of H2O. Tempted to make Ovatine.
This is cosplay at it's finest.  When you can not just look like, act like, and sound like the character... but actually physically, mentally, and spiritually BE the character.  Lots of jaws were dropped that day :| No I didn't film this, I found this clip off youtube~  Because that's what i do now! I surf youtube to waste time rather than going places~

I'm on fire! Cat. OUT!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Playing: ANDROID: Summoners War - Sky Arena
  • Eating: Mini Pizza because I ran out of Pizza Pockets
  • Drinking: Ovatine. Expiry date creeps near.
I love deviantART! TA-DA!! Freshly submitted!  Go check it out! 
Greetings from Saffron City gym by CatMD

OMG MOAR POEMS!  Let's Journal!!
It's like I have a on-off relationship with this dA account.  I come back and submit a few things, then I feel like crap and opt out again (wasting 12 months of subscription twice!  So this time, I've decided, I'm coming back again, but I'm not gonna get a sub!

... at least not until I'm staying for good.  It's really hard though, I actually get weary of what I draw very fast.  The last time I left is because the last 3-4 pieces I drew, they felt so dry and uninspired and even ugly to me.  In fact they'll never be seen again, totally had to wipe it out of existence after they were submitted for days.  

and I'll be honest, I'm back after more than a year of moping.  I'm back for one purpose - and that purpose hasn't changed for all these years - to carve my name into the art community and establish my status as an artist.  Does that mean I'm gonna go around whoring myself?  no.  Does that mean I'm not gonna care about my followers and just care about numbers? no  Does that mean I'm just drawing for the sake of becoming popular? no... maybe?... err... no... you know what? let's put a rain check on this one heh.

Then what did I mean by establishing status as an artist?  
Honestly, I really don't understand it myself.  I imagine, the simple answer would be to land some FUN, but professional gigs like drawing designs for a game (even mobile apps) company and maybe even be an art director~ The more abstract things might include me getting so famous that girls will run up the streets of Toronto for an autograph by day, and me having art groupies by night (I'm guessing there's such a thing as art rock stars?)

If all else fails, I always have the fail-safe of being the biggest dick on the internet and aim for a TV slot on comedy central.  I'm looking at you Daniel Tosh, Chris Hardwick!  Actually Chris Hardwick isn't a dick. :| That goal was modeled more after Daniel Tosh.. but since TOSH.O is now moved over to MUCH, @ Midnight would be my reference to the Comedy Central thing.

My long term goal?
to draw things that are so amazing and publicly recognized, that I'll be invited onto the Daily Show and the Colbert Report 4 times a year :P  With the latter being near impossible since Colbert is taking over for Letterman soon..   Shit Happens Poop..

I'm on fire! Cat. OUT!

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Cat Gin L. C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:typerhappy: "I'm a Cat. and an aspiring artist trying to make a name for myself on the internet. If that fails, I wanna be know as the biggest dick on the internet and get a TV show on Comedy Central #DanielTosh #Nerdist #ChrisHardwick"

but then... I'm asian, so probably more like #SteveByrne

but then... I'm not too fond of #Sullivan&Son


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